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Night Train

Climate & Environmental Justice

I will prioritize expanding bus, ferry, and commuter rail services and ensure that they are safe and reliable. We need to build infrastructure right now to prevent flooding, invest in off-shore wind power, and expand tax incentives for home solar panels.

We need to address the urgency of the Climate Crisis. Fundamentally, I am a firm believer that climate justice communities must be at the center of the policy making process, and I am deeply committed to building a diverse climate justice coalition. I fully support implementing the 2050 Climate Roadmap bill and building upon it by passing legislation like the Green Futures Act. I was a legislative staffer in the office of State Representative Matias when the Merrimack Valley Gas leaks happened. I know firsthand how dangerous fossil fuels are, and we cannot leave it to the private sector alone to address the deferred maintenance of gas lines.


We need to pass legislation that will transform our infrastructure, create clean energy jobs, and a Green New Deal for our public buildings to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. I am committed to passing legislation to incentivize residents to transition to hybrid and electric vehicles and expand incentives for businesses to adopt greener sources of energy. 


We need to also increase access to renewable energies for our residents, and accelerate our offshore wind capacity and the use of solar. 


I support passing the Fair Share Amendment to help modernize our public transportation system, to reduce emissions. I led the charge on the school committee to support the passage of a resolution to support the Fair Share Amendment. In order to mitigate the climate crisis we must modernize the MBTA, electrify the rail, and invest to connect the rails from North to South, East to West, and with more frequent and reliable service across our state.

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