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This week, I am joining our federal, state, and local leaders in denouncing the draft opinion and the forthcoming decision by the conservative Supreme Court to overturn the case of Roe v. Wade. ROE has been the law of the land for 50 years. The court is now occupied by liars, ideologues, and unqualified jurists who fully intend to take us back to the days in which access to Reproductive care for abortion patients is subjected to the will of the states. We know fundamentally from recent legislation and our country's history that repressive states will use this decision to criminalize HEALTHCARE and Reproductive Health. I am incredibly concerned about what this decision means for women, trans men, and nonbinary people, and as an Afro-Latino racial justice leader, I specifically want to name that I fear BILPOC women will be disproportionately jailed and punished for seeking care. And the erosion of the right to privacy could lead to attacks in legislatures on important civil rights like Gay Marriage, Interracial Marriage, the Education of undocumented students, and many other protections. We must defend ROE as a country NOW.


In Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have codified ROE in the last legislative session. As a leader in our community seeking to be the State Representative, I have a responsibility to raise my voice and let ALL voters in Salem know where I stand. I am firmly pro-choice and stand shoulder to shoulder with advocates for reproductive health, equity, and justice. I served in the legislature under State Representative Paul Tucker when we codified ROE into Massachusetts General Law and I will not cede any ground in this race. I survived domestic violence twice as a child, have supported friends who have sought an abortion, and I know how critically important it is for abortion patients to be able to CHOOSE to safely access care for reasons that should remain between them and their doctors.


We need a State Representative who will be a champion for access to care for abortion patients, join and build intersectional coalitions for reproductive justice, and who will enhance access to reproductive health care in our state. I am the only candidate and Democrat on the ballot for State Representative this September who has done the following; publicly expressed my support for codifying ROE nationally and pledged to support Reproductive Justice Legislation on social media, attended the Salem Rally in support of ROE, and is actively seeking the endorsement of both Reproductive Equity Now, and the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund. Silence and passive displays of support are not acceptable forms of advocacy on this issue.  Reproductive Health and Justice have always been and should be the litmus test we use to determine whether a Democrat is fit to serve Salem in the legislature. My pledge is that as the next State Representative of Salem I will actively champion Reproductive Health and Justice, and Abortion Access legislation and budgetary investments in our state and country.

I am calling on ALL declared candidates for State Representative for the 7th Essex to publicly release their positions on the leaked draft opinion overturning ROE. I stand in solidarity with ALL the advocates for Reproductive Health, Justice, Equity, and Abortion Access. Salem voters deserve to know where my fellow candidates stand. 

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